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Establishing an Enterprise???

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India is developing in enterprises everyday.
Even a small circle of people come up with new ideas and then they setup a big Enterprise in the country ,few times exploring throughout the world.
The Globalisation has alarmed entering business markets and entrepreneurship towards a new phase.
The Startup Plans in India is approaching more in these years and creating private job opportunities for other human resources . This advancement is a big change in the development.


A single person without any backup plans or funds can start their own business with their unique idea, the Support is given by various startup plans of government.

There a thing arise, whenever you start a new Enterprise you look for your clients and search ways to reach them effectively at low rates.
Once you are setup with good funding you can have your own team of communicators ,PR professionals and even marketers but before that reaching the clients at lowest rate is a necessity.

We are standing in support of these new ideas going to place themselves in the market. We are the group of Communicators using the language of good content ,public speaking, conferences, events ,workshops and seminars, We are the team with good PR professionals and digital marketers needed in this era of digitization.

We work for new setups, we help them grow in the market and be known . Using the ways of strategies,storytelling,formal and informal content development.
We are there for you if you are needed to grow as an Enterprise.

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Beginning with us

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When a couple become a parent, its a new phase of their life..

The first one year after being a parent is like a challenge to them and even back to back emotional boost up with child’s new step.

The uttering of first word, the first smile, the first response, the magic of the tiny hands, the nap on the floor , first step … Everything is like a boon from God.

All combines on the day when they celebrate their first parenthood – The First Birthday !

Creative Disciples sings it all along with the parents and the family. Theme decorations , colourful walls, hanging memories , your lifetime asset- photographs and the unique Birthday cakes.Its about the creativity we put in your celebration from lights to sounds , even a bit is not left.

All along the way your celebration will be like ours, we feel the heart of parents and wish they have the best memory out of this first birthday party.

Hope to come along with more parents and guardians who would enjoy their best commemorations  with our team because We JOIn OUr HanDs IN YOUr celebration!!!!

Kala Bihar

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Bihar – When we utter the name, glimpse of culture, heritage, traditions, land and what not attacks a single mind.

Lets not talk about the shades that people define about Bihar. There are brighter pictures you need to look on and know.

23 rd March the Bihar Diwas celebration reflected every picture of Bihar from art , culture, technology, agriculture, food and the list goes on!

Though Creative Disciples working to promote the Art of  Bihar – every art that is reflecting the true Bihar and its culture , the team dedicated itself to go with the hashtag #kalaBihar and lets know Bihar through the colours of Kala emerging in the state.

Kala Bihar

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Bihar is a land of art and culture.

The Udyog Mela at Bihar Diwas Fair was one such attraction for people visiting Gandhi Maidan , Patna.

Our team decided to promote artisans of Bihar to peep in the ground level and know the enrich art resided in the interiors of Bihar. The Udyog Mela gave us a glimpse that Bihar is highly equipped with Artisans working in various districts of the state. The Handicrafts and the string of creativeness they sew with their hands are amazing portrayals of skill development.

As creative Disciples promote small scale skill development and act as a communication medium between the market and the craftsmen, we are boomed with the craft they  are displaying in the three day Fair.

Hand made jeweleries,

Cloth Art,

Hanging Arts,

Antiques ,

Banana thread sculptures

Madhubani Art

Tikuli Art

Silk handmade Sarees

A lot to visualize and a lot to get, with this we open up a new promotion of Artisans and Craftsmen in Bihar in the sector KALA BIHAR.

Stay updated to know more and get connected with the art of Bihar!!!!

What We Did In Our Research?

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One such experiences!




 Wear A Cause has been a learning experience, since the day we started of with DESIGN OLYMPIAD’S idea to work on designing at school level, we came out with an event Wear A cause, Ab baatien bhi Dikhengi. It was just a

start-up plan to let a cause be shown through dresses which would be designed to the school students . We worked on many causes, we decided many social issues to be presented but occasionally we came to know about a project going on child Rag pickers, we joined both the initiatives and made it a grand event WEAR A CAUSE, in a motto to upgrade child rag pickers and designing talents .

As our idea worked out for child rag pickers, we did research on them and had lot of activities, interaction and discussions …

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It has been a cool way though.

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The Research project!!


We feel it great to update you with the details of Wear A Cause.

Wear A Cause has been a great project we have been working on.Though a Public Relation Unit has to meet numerous faces, communicate with thousands of voices but this project has made us work with not thousands but immense and unique faces.

Working with two social units is not less than a dream for a PR and Event Company. Our every expertise like content making, proposal projects, market plans, digital marketing, communicating, promotions, press handling were done in a single project.

Single project but dealing with different groups  – Social officials, sponsors, educational institutes, designing institute, school students and of course the special group of children which is being done for them.


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His father was called illiterate due to his no contacts with book throughout his life. Sanju was proud to get books. He took out a book after long , long because he was not given a chance to study. He was told, books would help him to earn money. He started studying for his aimbition […]

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